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Michael Graham


Michael Graham started his career as a stand-up comedian where he spent six years on the national circuit and opening for acts like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jeff Foxworthy. In a somewhat bizarre shift of focus Michael set his sights on the world of politics and made a career as a GOP political consultant on campaigns across the country. Michael, unsatisfied with just three careers, also finds work as a columnist for the Boston Herald and as author of four books, most recently That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom! For nine years, Michael was one of the most popular radio news/talk show radio hosts in Boston.  

As a former stand-up comedian who worked as a political consultant, Michael receives many requests as a public speaker.  He's addressed groups as diverse as the Cato Institute, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, the Washington State Bankers Association, the Texas A&M College Republicans and--in an odd twist of fate--a debate with Cuba's ambassador to Ireland at Trinity College in Dublin. From humorous after-dinner talks to keynote addresses on America's great political debates, Michael Graham offers a unique mix of entertainment and insight for any occasion.

Listen to a clip of Michael Graham here:

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