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John O'Sullivan


 John O'Sullivan is the editor-at-large of National Review where he served as editor-in-chief for almost a decade until 1998. He has been a regular center-page columnist for the (London) Daily Telegraph, the (London) Times, the (London) Independent, the Toronto Sun, the (Canadian) National Post, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and The Australian. Mr. O'Sullivan is also the former Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty in Prague and a Vice-President of the RFERL Corporation.

His book,The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister, discusses the roles played by Pope John Paul II, President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher in the collapse of communism and the revival of Western market democracies. As a Special Adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street, he covered health and social security, defense procurement, and the Arts. He was the principal author of the 1987 Conservative election manifesto. Later he was one of the small team that assisted Lady Thatcher in the writing of her memoirs. For several years in the 1990s he served both as an informal advisor to Lady Thatcher and as a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Thatcher Foundations.

Mr. OSullivan has held fellowships at the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Nixon Center, and Harvard's Institute of Politics. In the 1991 New Year's Honours List, he was made a Commander of the British Empire.

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